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  • Modell Nr.: SDC450-10KW
  • Garantie : 1 Jahr
  • Bescheinigung : CE , RoHS , ISO
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  • Trademark: SETEC
  • Packing: Carton
  • Standard: CE
  • Origin: Shenzhen
  • HS Code: 8504409990
  • Production Capacity: 1000PCS/Week

DC Quick Charger for electric vehicles
   SETEC Power has specialized in developing, manufacturing and selling EV charging stations, used chiefly for Electrical car quick charging.  Integrating design and functionality with superior reliability and durability, SETQCY series charging stations are ideal for workplace, commercial, or outdoor public charging. They are available in bollard and wall mount configurations for easy installation anywhere.

SETQCY DC quick charger consists of charging modules, monitor, digital meter, HMI, communication module, charging connector, management and cabinet.

1. Using charging module, built-in module with CPU intelligent management, with manual / automatic dual control function;
2. Using intelligent module, consisting of a distributed control system. A single module failure does not affect system operation;
3. Charging module uses ZVZCS, three-phase PFC, three-level soft-switching technology, efficiency up to 95%;
4. Charging module has a sleep function. According to the load current, the clients can automatically select the number of modules to make Efficient operation;
5. Charging module uses a unique full isolation dust structure, built-in cooling fan with intelligent speed control. It can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the load to extend the life of the fan;
6. Acceptable remote tripping command to achieve emergency shutdown;
7. Charging module with PFC, the power factor 0.99, and THD <5%.

Technical specifications
Type: Single DC fast-charging station
Operating temperature: -25ºC to +55ºC
Storage temperature: -40ºC to +70ºC
Relative humidity: 20% to 95%
Environment: Indoor / outdoor

AC power connection: 3P + PE
Input voltage range: 380 VAC
Frequency: 45-55HZ
Power factor: 0.99
Current THD:  ≤5%
Input under-voltage protection:  Yes  (305V±15V)

Output voltage: 400V/700V/900V 
Output current:  0-100 A
Output power: 0KW-200KW
Output over-current protection:  Yes
Output short-circuit protection:  Yes

Dimensions (D x W x H)
Charge station: 2260 x 800 x 600 (Cabinet)
Charge station:  ≤200 kg
Protection degree: IP54
Cooling:  Forced air
Parallel modules No. : ≤64

EV charging module Introduction:
SET-QM series Electric Vehicle Charging Module is multifunction, intelligent charging high-frequency switch module, designed for charging stations, power plants, etc..
Non- board charging system for electric vehicles consists of electric vehicle charging module and monitor(SET1410), used for EV charging/battery swap station.

The main features of the module
1.  Module with full resonance, double soft-switching principles of design, efficiency ≥ 96%;
2.  Module with full isolation design. Module control part is fully isolated with the input and output of the main circuit. When some external factors will produce high voltage of module input or output part, internal module control circuit will not damage;
3.   PCB with epoxy coating should be damp proof and dustproof;
4.  Multiple anti-reverse-current protection design to prevent the intrusion of various fault current phenomenon;
5.  Input uses three-phase four-wire , three-phase equilibrium;
6.  SCM module built by CAN \ RS485 port communication. Monitoring system can monitor the module and operating condition;
7. With LCD display, real-time display module output voltage, current, easy operation and monitoring;
8.  Regulators, current limiting function. It can be charged the battery groups and carried the load with the set voltage and current. When the output current is greater than the current limit ,module automatically works on steady flow operation; when the output current is less than the current limit ,it works on voltage regulator condition;
9. Output voltage and current regulation. It can adjust the output voltage and the maximum current limit via background monitoring;
10.  Work in parallel. The same model module can work in parallel and share current. If one module failed, it will not affect the whole system operation;
11.  Hot-swap. You can either plug in any one module to make access to or remove it from the system without affecting the normal operation;
12. LCD shows module parameters, and Status Indicator;
13. Protection and alarm: input, short-circuit, over temperature, over voltage, and alarm indication.

We know efficiency is an important parameter in energy saving . The power is more large, and then if the efficiency will increase each 1%, most significant here is saving energy and economic returns. There formula: power consumption = charger output power / charger efficiency.
Figure shows, assuming the charger module total power 200kw, charging 10h per day, and load 50% , if the difference between the charging efficiency of 3%, pls see as below:
93% efficiency: power consumption = 200Kw*10h/93%=2150 kw.h
96% efficiency: power consumption = 200Kw*10h/96%=2083 kw.h
So, it saved 67 kw.h
Assumed electricity bill is 1 yuan / kWh , you can get a year saving and economic returns:
Saving bills=67(kw.h)*365(Day)*1(RMB)=RMB24455(US$3989)

SET1410 Monitor introduction:
SET1410 monitoring module is designed for DC charger with protocol CAN2.0.The number of modules can be set from 1 to 13.SET1410 module uses 6.4-inch LCD display with a keyboard and a touch screen. System monitoring module functional, with RS232 / RS485 serial interface; also optional TCP / IP interface.

Monitor features:
CANBUS communication
Ethernet Interface
Display operating parameter
Record and display alarm information
Set reference voltage and alarm
Set voltage and current to adjust data remotely
 Boost and float charging, and power on/off
Manage charging modules
Monitoring operating status
Automatically compensate for charge voltage according to ambient temperature battery
Record the amount of battery charge and discharge Ann 
Background monitoring network interface or remote four remote
Parameter setting operation either by remote control, also directly set on the scene.




Input voltage




Output voltage



Max Output current



Rated Output power


Max output voltage



Regulation accuracy


precision of steady current


Ripple factor




Power factor


unequal current ratio


Soft start time


Dielectric strength

IVP input&output,input&chassis AC2000V,1min,No breakdown, no flashover;
IVS input,output &chassis AC1000V,1min,No breakdown, no flashover

Insulation Resistance


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity



≤55db/Fan cooled

Parallel modules No.


Power surge


IP degree


Safety Certification

Compliance with 3C certification








Fan cooled

Communication port



Control:ON/OFF,One line/Off line,Float/boost charge

Set: Output voltage, output limit current

Test: Output voltage,output current, working temperature

Communication: ON/OFF status, Fails

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